8 Things NOT to Say Around Your Toddler

I miss having adult conversations. I always have to think before I speak, because I have an awfully sharp 3 year old who is memorizing my every word. I always thought it was so dumb that moms would spell out certain words mid conversation until I became a mother. Now I can’t make it through a sentence without keeping certain words out of my mouth. I’m not just talking about cussing. Although I’m a huge repeat offender there as well. Here’s a list of 8 other things I try not to say around my toddler to avoid all hell breaking loose.

• The word McDonalds if you do not intend to take them there immediately.

• You need a band-aid 🤕 You will also need 18 more.

• I need a nap 💤 Be prepared for the biggest burst of energy your toddler has had all day. Mommy’s are built to sleep when they’re dead.

• You have to go to the bathroom 🚽 Surely you’re not going alone!

• Speaking of the bathroom— ANYTHING about poop 💩

• Or any other natural bodily function for that matter. 💨

• Any word you have to spell out in an attempt to outsmart your toddler, such as

P-O-O-L or the I-P-A-D.

• NO! 🚫 It never seems to go over well

2 thoughts on “8 Things NOT to Say Around Your Toddler

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