Must-Have List for ALL Moms!

It’s an unwritten rule that once you become a mother, you will be the keeper of all the things; also known as a hoarder. My husband laughed at me when I read this to him. He said he overheard me going through some of my daughter’s old things the other day and actually say the words, “I better keep this. She still might need it.”

Even though we are out of the diaper bag stage, there is still all this stuff I need just in case! I’ve narrowed it down to a list of the five basic “Mom Items” that every mom needs on a daily basis.

Wipe Clutch👝— No matter what wipes you use, a wipe clutch is a game changer! Kids are messy at all ages, and an easy clean up is every mom’s dream. I probably use the wipes myself more than the kids. I would also add tissues to this list, but I just use the wipes for that. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Extra Clothes 👚👖🧦— Put a ziploc bag with clothes in the trunk of your car! Whether it’s an extra shirt or underwear, you never know when you will need the extras, but you can guarantee that you always will. It’s also extra handy when they’re begging to stay the night with a friend at the ballpark. “Here’s an extra set of clothes, see ya later kid!”

Snacks🍿🥜🍬— Kids snack non-stop, and it seems like every time you leave the house they are hungry again. I always try to stuff my purse with snacks that I know won’t melt or spill. (Pretzels, fruit snacks, or small suckers are a few ideas) The longer they keep their mouth moving with those snacks, the less time there is for whining.

The Mommy Hook— Meet your new third arm! Clip it to your purse, stroller, or clip bags together for an easy carry. You can even go mountain climbing with this thing! The Mommy Hook might look silly, but it’s really a versatile tool I think all moms should have. My daughter tried to run away from me in a store once, and I hooked the Mommy Hook into the belt loop on the back of her pants, and the rest is history.

Tumbler🥤🍷☕️— Flask, whatever you want to call it. This is for your “Mommy Milk” (no, that’s not your breastmilk, it’s milk only for Mommy) Coffee, soda, or alcohol, I’m not here to judge. Pick your poison!

What items did I leave out? Tell me your favorite items in the comments! I always need new stuff 😉

1 thought on “Must-Have List for ALL Moms!

  1. We always have to have some sort of activity thing, such as a coloring book, books or an animal and a baby blanket for each. They like to sleep in the car.

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