10 Year Reunion

Last night was my 10 year high school reunion! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe I’m old enough to call myself an adult!

There are a lot of social stigmas around high school reunions, but I’m so happy to say that our class did it right! It was a smaller turnout, but everyone there seemed to have a great time. It was nice to see familiar faces and reminisce on the past.

I really encourage anyone who is on the fence about their upcoming reunion to go! Put the past in the past, and just go! It was definitely worth my time.

Here is a little poem I wrote to read at the reunion. 👇🏻

“Welcome to the Future”

SHS Class Of 2008— 10 Year Reunion 🎉

Welcome to the future,

leave your baggage at the door.

We’re here to celebrate the past,

like we were never allowed to before.

We all talked about this day,

nearly a decade ago.

Who would make the trek home,

and who simply wouldn’t show.

An odd feeling fills the room,

full of awkwardness and ease.

Small talk among fellow peers,

leaves a weak feeling in your knees.

Growing up in a small town,

first impressions are strong.

Friendships would come and go,

and grudges held were long.

10 years we’ve had to grow up,

a decade has come and gone.

We thought we knew it all back then,

but clearly we were wrong.

Tonight is a chance to redeem ourselves,

another life lesson to learn.

Even the worst of enemies,

can take a nostalgic turn.

So I challenge you all tonight,

to reach out to a former friend or foe.

So the only question left to remain,

Is who the hell is Mike Honcho*?

*Back story— Mike Honcho is our class “catfish” He trolled our class reunion page, and brought us all together! Reveal yourself Mike!

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