Sticker Removal 101

It happens I turn the corner, and this…

After letting the stickers sit for a week, and accumulate more stickers, I decided it was time to clean. Once I got started, I did a little research.

For removing stickers from surfaces: (tables, walls, floors, etc.)

Tip— Do not leave the stickers for a week. The longer they are on there, the harder they are to remove. Well, shit.

Tip— Do not scrape the surface with a sharp object. It will inevitably do more damage. Strike 2.

Tip—Use a pencil eraser, or hot soapy water, to remove leftover sticker residue from hard, flat surfaces.

For removing stickers from clothing:

Tip—Accidentally washed a sticker on a piece of clothing? Try to catch it before you throw into the dryer. Once dried, the sticker residue is much harder to remove.

Tip—Rub high quality detergent directly on the residue. Be sure to check the tag of the clothes for directions, and wash accordingly.

For removing from glass/windows:

Tip— Moisten sticker paper with a damp cloth before trying to remove.

Tip— Don’t scrape with an object. Wet first, then wipe.

There are many different substances said to remover sticker residue. I decided to try out a few for myself on the mess seen above. I will also give them each an overall grade based on effectiveness, time consumed, and mess.

Clorox Wipes

Thinking I know better than the experts, I decided to try Clorox wipes. Like Gus, the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Clorox wipes are my Windex. This worked but is very timing consuming, and lots of scrubbing.

Grade: C

Lemon Oil

I got this idea from a friend, so I had to try it out. I put a drop of lemon oil on each sticker and let it set for about a minute. It peeled right up! The only problem I had with the lemon oil was I didn’t have enough! I had a big area to cover and needed more to get it all up, which could get kinda pricey. Lemon oil would be great for a smaller area, and I would highly recommend it!

Grade: B+

Soap & Water

Soap and water fixes everything right? Wrong. While the Dawn and hot water did help lift the sticker, it left the most residue out of everything I tried. Plus you had to use a lot of elbow grease.

Grade: D

Vegetable Oil

I dreaded trying this one because I knew the mess I was about to ensue. I let the oil set for a minute and tried to peel them off. The sticker did not come up easy, but kind of in pieces. I will say that once the sticker was up, the vegetable oil took the residue right off! So I would use it mainly for the extra residue leftover. My husband told me I didn’t leave it on long enough, but I was growing impatient. I used the leftover soap and water for cleanup, so it wasn’t too terrible.

Grade: C+

**Note: All of these were used on a smooth, flat surface; NOT clothing!**

I couldn’t give anything an A because I’m still cleaning, and nothing about that seems excellent to me. Basically anything oily is going to break down the sticky substance for an easier removal!

What are some things you have tried to remove your toddlers’ messes?


For more tips and tricks check them out, here.

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