My Makeup Routine

I’ve had many inquiries about my make up routine so I thought I would share with you all the products I use and some of the tips, and tricks I have learned along the way. These are some staple products I use, as well as some of my favorites!

The first product I use on my face is the Dewy Face Primer by Wet n Wild.  Primer is very important to start because it fills in all the pores and wrinkles you don’t want your foundation to show.  This particular primer is shiny and is great for photos to give your skin a natural glow.


After my primer, I will use the EyeLuminator by SeneGence International.  This is basically an eye creme with a hint of highlight to make your eyes look more awake.  Best part is it can be worn with or without makeup!


Next is one of my favorite products: Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer by SeneGence International.  I use this product religiously, and sometimes even just by itself.  It’s matches your skin tone to up or down 2 shades!  I don’t often wear foundation, so this is what I use in place of foundation.  It covers enough on my skin so I don’t have to cake on the foundation.


Up next is concealer!

TIP: Use your concealer AFTER you have put on your foundation or tinted moisturizer.

This is an important tip because you want to have a smooth surface to work on when you’re concealing.  Put the concealer in the areas you want to hide, and then blend, blend, blend!  Using a beauty blender is very helpful with concealer.

TIP:  For the beauty blender, get it damp before using and dab, not swipe, it across your face.

For my concealer I use one or two brands.  The first one is Maybelline New York, and the second is for when I have break-outs.  It is called Circle and Delete by Jane Iredale.  Both of these concealers are great and cover up what you don’t want noticed.  Again though, the key is blending!!!

IMG-0928    IMG-0927  zb_p

Then comes my least favorite part of my makeup.  The dreaded contour!!!!  I’m still trying to work out the kinks in my contouring, but blending is definitely key!  I know everyone’s face is different, so I’ve added a map of areas that you should contour on your face.


I use a couple products to contour.  My favorite being a Lisa Frank collaboration with Glamour Dolls bronzer.  YES! Lisa Frank makes makeup now!  All my childhood dreams have come true!  I also use a bronzer by IT Cosmetics that is liquid.  For the liquid bronzer I will use a beauty blender, for the powder I use a brush and blend.   In the summer, I will also use the liquid bronzer for a full face coverage since my skin is so fair, and it blends so well!  It’s really one of my favorite go-to products in the summer. That’s probably why it is sold out online.

IMG-0934  IMG-0929

Next I will do my eyebrows.  I never realized how important it was to do your eyebrows, but they make a HUGE difference.  Essentially they frame your face, and I feel naked now if I don’t have my eyebrows penciled in.  I have had my eyebrows microbladed so they are the shape I want, but I still like to pencil them in to make them really pop.  I use two products on my eyebrows: an eyebrow pencil by Elf Cosmetics, and a tinted gel called Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics.

TIP:  Always brush out your brows with a brow wand before and after penciling them in to even out the product. 

IMG-0932. IMG-0935

TIP: Add some concealer and highlight under the arch of your brow to really make it stand out! 

After my brows, I will do my eyes.  I’m very minimal when it comes to my eyes.  Most days I will just use a nude shadow and mascara.  But if I really want to amp it up I like to use a duo shadow from Smashbox, and will line the bottom lid of my eyes.  I have smaller eyes, so the more makeup I put on them, the smaller they look.

TIP:  If you have smaller eyes, only line the bottom and the outer corner of the top lid to make them look bigger.

img-0937.jpg  IMG-0933  IMG-0936

Then comes the mascara! I’ve used multiple mascaras, but have found Lights, Camera, Lashes! by Tarte to be my favorite!  It gives me the length I desire, but doesn’t clump and still looks natural.


My absolute favorite makeup product is HIGHTLIGHTER!!!! I have so many highlighters it’s hard for me to choose just one. But my absolute favorite is called Skin Blush by Kaleido Cosmetics.  It’s the perfect combination of blush and highlighter. I’m not much into blush, but I’m a firm believer there is no such thing as too much highlight!


To hold the look all together I will use a setting spray by L’Oreal Paris.  Just shake the bottle and hold it about a foot away from your face and spritz all over.  Let the spray dry and it will hold your makeup all day long!


Last but not least are my lips! I use another product by SeneGence International called LipSense!  This is all day lip color that doesn’t smudge or come off when you drink coffee, kiss, or eat.  It really is incredible!  To seal in the color and set it I use the LipSense gloss.  There are many colors of LipSense as well as different types of gloss.  I used to be a distributor for SeneGence so if you need help picking out a color, I’m your girl!  My favorite right now is a nude shade called Apple Cider.

IMG-0940  IMG-0942

I don’t do a full face of makeup everyday. Most days I’ll simply wear the tinted moisturizer, eyeluminator, pencil in my brows, and throw on some mascara and highlight.

With the exception of a few, most of my products are from Walmart/Target or are samples from my Ipsy bags!  I have linked all the products for you, so just click on the picture of the product to shop!  I know some of these products are more expensive than others, but if you subscribe to the Ipsy bag you get 5 name brand samples for $10 a month, and they last a long time! That’s how I have acquired most of my name brand products.

Remember to always get the right colors that match and compliment YOUR skin tone.  These are just want works best for ME.  I am not a professional make-up artist, and would consider myself a beginner at best.  I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos on different techniques and methods, so do a little research and find out what works best for you and your skin.

I hope this has helped any of you on the fence about a certain product, or maybe just learning a trick or two on how to do your makeup!  As always, if you have any questions send them my way.  I’d love to help you pick out what is right for you! 🙂



3 thoughts on “My Makeup Routine

  1. lipstickdenimandcoffee November 17, 2018 — 4:38 am

    Look at that cute lil Lisa Frank product! 😀
    You look beautiful. New Follower<3
    Keep up the great work Girl!


    1. I know I love it! And it’s quality makeup too!!

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      1. lipstickdenimandcoffee November 17, 2018 — 8:38 am

        Thats so awesome! I love the throwback!

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