Highlighter— The New Blush!

It seems like anytime I get complimented on my makeup, it’s about my highlighter. A lot of people are unsure about highlighter, and how to use it, so I thought why not write a post about my newest obsession—and favorite beauty product.

I’ve never been a big fan of blush. With my fair skin, I think it makes me look like I’m either a clown, or about to pass out from overheating. My quick fix for this is the newest beauty trend—highlighter! ☺️

Highlighter comes in many different colors and varieties. It can come in a loose powder, or a pressed powder form like blush. I prefer the pressed powder form best. It’s a lot easier to apply, and not overdo.

To apply highlighter, use a highlighter fan brush and simply swipe across the apples of your cheeks along the cheekbone.

This face map also shows you the best places to apply highlighter to make your skin glow!

Pick a highlighter color you think would best compliment your skin tone.

According to makeup.com

Fair Skin Tone: Go for an icy-silver, or champagne with a pearlescent sheen

Medium to Olive Skin Tone: Look for a frosty highlighter with peach or gold undertones

Darker Skin Tone: Rose gold or bronze work best

I have multiple highlighters that I use, but here are some of my favorites! Click on the photo of each highlighter to shop, and learn more about each one.

Don’t be intimidated by highlighter— a little can go a long way! It really pops in pictures, and gives your face a simple glow. Give it a try, and I bet you’ll get a lot of compliments too!

Happy Highlighting!! 😁



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