Released Back into the Wild

I know what you’re thinking… where has this girl been!? I went from writing posts 1-2 times a week, to nothing for a whole month!

The truth is I’ve been in a pretty big transition period.  As of 2019, I am no longer a Stay-At-Home-Mom. That’s right, I finally have full-time employment, and it feels so good!

Going from a SAHM of four years, to a Working Mom, I feel like I have been freed; released back into my natural habitat. Don’t take this the wrong way, I will always remember and cherish my time at home with my daughter.  There are even some days I miss staying at home with my mini-me, but working has given me a sense or purpose.  I feel like I have found my true self again.  Being called by my first name again, instead of Mommy, is something that still seems so foreign, but liberating!

Now this is not to shame those who stay at home with their child(ren). There are those who thrive as a SAHM. I, unfortunately, am just not one of them. I was never meant to be a SAHM. I lost my identity and who I was as a person, and literally had a mental break-down.

Going back to work was freeing.  New changes are often stressful, but I was up and ready for the challenge. I didn’t just go out and get a full-time job, I also added a side gig writing articles for a local website. My planner is packed, and I love it! I’m so proud to say I work full-time, and am contributing financially to our family. I feel like I’m a new person now, and a better version of myself.

I couldn’t have made this transition without my army.  My parents take my daughter a lot, and my husband has changed his schedule to take her in the mornings. It truly is a team effort. Despite all of the changes, it’s working and that is so satisfying to my soul. I worried that I couldn’t handle it all, but a month into the change and I can say I finally feel comfortable with our new routine. This has been a huge adjustment period for all of us, but it’s been for the better of my family and has done wonders for my daily mentality.

I’m definitely going to continue to write posts for my blog. MommyJerk helped me realize who I was again. Sadly, you just may not hear from me as often as before. But fear not, I’m always updating my social media and I will always share my best stories from motherhood.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey; the best is yet to come!



1 thought on “Released Back into the Wild

  1. Getting stronger each day. Proud of you

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