3 Day Quick Fix

Thinking about my upcoming journey on Sunday, I was a little weary about what I had gotten myself into. I needed to make a change, but easier said than done right?  As I looked  in the mirror, I could see the bloat; I’m definitely nowhere near where I want to be. I needed to make a change though to get to the results I wanted.  This negative self-image gave me the motivation that I needed to start the process! Plus there is no vigorous exercise required, so I was all in!

Here are the guidelines for the 3 Day Quick Fix:

3 Day Quick Fix



You’re definitely not going to go hungry on this 3 Day Fix! There was more than enough food for me every day, and some days I didn’t finish every meal.  The cravings were hard to shake.  I know this can be different for everyone, but I really had to stick to my willpower.  Yes, this can be hard, but the things that are the most worthwhile are usually the hardest.  Day 1 was by far the hardest out of the three.


Day 1—I started out optimistic.  I had my first meal, which was delicious, and I felt very full and satisfied.  The second meal was also very good, and again I was not hungry at all after.  In fact, when it came time for my third meal to roll around I didn’t finish it all because I was still so full.  I had been drinking lemon water all day, so I contribute this to part of my full feeling. It was all going great until someone in the office brought in KRISPY KREME DONUTS!!! Nooooooooo!  This was my first temptation.  The craving started, and I had to restrain myself from diving on top of the table.  Sugar is my biggest temptation, especially during that one week a month.  I stayed near my desk for the remainder of work that day until it was time to go home.  Home was a safer place.  There was less temptation, and I ate my fourth and fifth meals closer together. I felt less tired and groggy all day.  This is a big win for me, as I’m always tired right after lunch for the rest of the work day.  By the time the last meal rolled around, I started picking up some cravings again. My daughter had some popcorn for a snack, and my mouth was watering.  Here’s the part where I won’t lie.  Did I sneak a small handful of my daughter’s popcorn? Maybe… I’m only human after all.   Other than the one cravings slip up, I’ll give myself an 7/10 for the day.  Better luck tomorrow!


Day 2—Today I was determined.  No slip ups!  I had my first meal, and then was stuck in court all morning at work so I couldn’t have my second meal until later.  By this time I was starving! I went ahead and ate meals two and three close together to make up for the time lost.  After that I was back on track for the rest of the day.  The cravings subsides some on Day 2, but not completely.  I have a BIG sweet tooth.  The donuts were STILL leftover at work, but I bypassed.   I could tell I had more energy, no after lunch hangover, and no longing to nap after work. I consider Day 2 a success!


Day 3—The final stretch! I was not nearly as hungry this day, so I cut my meals down to 4 because of this.  Was this the right thing to do?  I’m not sure, but it’s what worked for me! I had more energy again, and felt the least bloated on Day 3.  My pants buttoned with ease!


I won’t lie, this wasn’t an easy process for me, but I learned a lot.  I had some slip ups, but overall I’ve been the healthiest version of myself.  This is the first time I’ve ever done any type of fix, and I learned I don’t need to eat a lot during the day to be full.  I just need to eat the RIGHT things!  I skipped a meal or two because I was full and didn’t want to over do it. Like I said, everyone is different so it’s hard to say how the fix would do for me, but I’m very satisfied with how it went.

My favorite meal was the breakfast by far, and I also really enjoyed the chicken–very juicy and tender. My least favorite was the steamed fish, but that’s only because I’m not a big fish person.  I was branching out and trying new things, and I’m so glad I did.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking for a reset, or to jumpstart healthier eating habits.  I feel less bloated, and had more energy throughout the day.  I drank more water in three days than I have in a loooong time, so I’m starting to drink more water daily now post the three day fix.  So how about it? Who wants to join me in the 3 day fix club?

To learn more about FitFuel Fitness and Nutrition, and the 3 Day Quick Fix, visit their website: https://fitfuel.ecwid.com  They are based in Scottsburg, Indiana and have local pick up– also will deliver to the Clarksville area for a small fee.   Meals can be ordered every Wednesday at 7 PM/EST, with a meal prep preview on Tuesday on their Facebook page.

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  1. Good job Lauren, and great article.

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