Old Time Zen


For the past couple of weeks, I have been using products by another local business, Old Time Zen.  Old Time Zen has many different holistic products made from natural, quality ingredients and essential oils.  Old Time Zen offers a variety of bath, and body products that everyone in the family can enjoy.


The three products I have been using are the Patchouli Sugar Scrub, Freshly Pickled Pear 3 n 1 Shower Frosting, and the Freshly Pickled Pear Body Butter.

I could tell a difference in my skin with all three of the products used, but my favorite by far was the Sugar Scrub.  It left my skin super soft after showering, and I didn’t feel like I needed lotion afterwards.  The texture of this scrub is fantastic, and glides on your skin like butter.

The 3 n 1 Shower Frosting is also a great go-to item.  It is a cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator all in one.  It’s texture is also very creamy and buttery, and makes a nice lather when adding water.   Top that off with the body butter after a shower, and your skin won’t go dry all day long.  This is great during the change of seasons, when our skin needs it most.

Martyna Baker is the owner of Old Time Zen and is also certified in Natural Holistic Remedies and Master Herbalism.  All of Old Time Zen’s products are hand-made by Martyna herself.   If you would like to learn more about Old Time Zen and their products you can visit their website: www.oldtimezen.com  There is also a blog on their website of great how-to’s and information on natural products.  Old Time Zen is also on Facebook and Instagram where you can simply message to order.

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